Shimoyoshida Luggage lockers

Shimoyoshida-benri-ten luggage lockers READ MORE

Luggage lockers located a short walk
from Shimoyoshida Station
for Chureito Pagoda visitors’ convenience.

Shimoyoshida-benri-ten is a rare unmanned 24-hour convenience store. The store is the only place equipped with luggage lockers where visitors can put their luggage directly after passing through the station gate. It also sells beverages, ice cream, and snacks. Visitors getting off the train or bus do not have to walk a long way carrying their luggage but can put it in the lockers to enjoy hiking to Chureito Pagoda!


How to use a luggage locker

These luggage lockers are very convenient for travelers walking towards Arakurayama Sengen Park (Chureito Pagoda).
The route to Chureito Pagoda and the observation deck includes stairs of nearly 400 steps, bumpy surfaces, and stone-made steep steps.
Put your luggage in one of our lockers and enjoy the walk safely.

How to use a luggage locker

Sizes and prices

Large size 
77 cm high × 34 cm wide × 64 cm deep(12 lockers)
600 yen

Middle size 
50 cm high × 34 cm wide ×64 cm deep (12 lockers)
400 yen

  • Payment methodCash only
  • Opening hours24 hours
  • Money exchangerNone
Sizes and prices
luggage locker luggage locker


Frequently asked questions

Q. How many times can I put my luggage into and take it out from the locker?

Only once.

Q. How long can I keep my luggage in the locker?

At maximum, 24 hours.

Q. What will happen if I do not take out my luggage within 24 hours from the time of putting it into the locker?

Your luggage will be disposed of after a certain period of storage.

Q. Can I take out my luggage at nighttime?

The place is open 24 hours and thus you can take out your luggage anytime a day.

Q. Can I reserve a locker in advance?

No, we do not accept reservations.

Q. Can you keep luggage bigger than the size of lockers?

No, the place is unmanned so we cannot take charge of large-sized luggage that cannot be stored in the lockers.

Q. Can I exchange a Japanese yen bill for coins?

We are planning to install a money exchanger in the near future. Until then, please get coins by spending a bill in a vending machine.

Q. Can I pay by credit card or e-money?

No, you cannot. Please bring 100-yen coins.

Q. Can I check remotely the availability of lockers?

No, you cannot because the place is unmanned. We are planning to introduce a system to check locker availability using a live camera in the near future.

Q. Coins have been taken even though I did not put my luggage in the locker.

When you insert coins, turn the key, and pull out the key, the coins will be taken in. Be sure to check how to use the locker in advance.

Q. It seems the coins have become stuck.

Contact Please understand that it might take some time to handle your inquiry.

Q. I’ve lost the locker key

Contact Please understand that it might take some time to handle your inquiry.

Beverage and Snack Service

Vending machine

There are vending machines not only for beverages but for pieces of bread, snacks, ice creams, and other snacks. Please stop by to get snacks and drinks for hydrating yourself while walking in and around Arakurayama Sengen Park. Capsuled child toys and capsuled Mt. Fuji-featured goods are also available here.

Vending machine ice creams, Capsuled child toys and capsuled Mt. Fuji-featured goods

Access to Chureito Pagoda

Chureito Pagoda Guide

Chureito Pagoda Guide Our store is located on the hiking route from the Shimoyoshida Station of the Fujikyu Railway Line to Arakurayama Sengen Park. Check the following website for detailed information on access to Arakurayama Sengen Park, travel time, cautions, and FAQs, among others.

Chureito Pagoda Guide Website